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We are glad to share our latest publication on early and long-term hydration of one-part alkali-activated slag! You can read the open access full-text: (Direct Link to the Paper)


What would our future look like if humanity had solved the climate crisis by "doing everything right" in terms of sustainability and resource use? Teresa Liberto provided some inputs to imagine the infrastructure of the future for the virtual reality project OUR EARTHS VR directed by Sebastian Pichelhofer. You can read more about the project, watch the trailer, and look at all the credits here:, And don't miss the projection of the film on ORF III on Sunday, 30.04 at 8:00 a.m.:


Please find below our new publication on the cracking behaviour of textile-reinforced concrete, the result of a fruitful collaboration with Philipp Preinstorfer from Research Unit of Structural Concrete at TU Wien: (Direct Link to the Paper).



The reminds us that concrete also acts as a carbon sink during its lifetime. More info



Franz Philipp Mayer and Matthias Pudelko defend their Master Thesis.Congratulations to Franz Philipp and Matthias and all the best for your future endeavors!



Teresa Liberto presents her habilitation project to the faculty council “A fresh approach on low CO2 binders”. Teresa did a brilliant presentation and got many positive comments. Congratulations Teresa!


Bauingenieur-Student/in für Nebenjob in TU-Nähe gesucht!

More information PDF[Click here]



Three of us attended the 32. Schleibinger workshop "Rheologische Messungen an mineralischen Baustoffen", on March 1st 2023 at OTH in Regensburg. Subhransu Dhar gave a talk on Heterogenous flows in sheared cement suspensions and Teresa Liberto on SAOS as a predictive tool to assess the residual reactivity in recycled binders. We also took this opportunity to visit the old center of Regensburg, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We stand here on the Stone Bridge (Steinerne Brücke), a 12th-century bridge across the Danube, a masterwork of medieval construction. Thank you for the organizer for this friendly and open workshop. We will be back!



We are looking for a project assistant to undertake research on novel basalt-reinforced clay-concrete with the opportunity to graduate with a PhD while fully funded (40H/week). Applications should be submitted before March 14th 23:55pm.

More details at   




Prof. Zhifang Zhao gave a presentation on the behavior of dam concrete. Prof. Zhao has started a 6-month sabbatical at TU Wien, as a joined collaboration between the groups of Prof. Pichler and Prof. Robisson. Together, they will explore the causes of early-age cracking in dam concrete, and the behavior of concrete containing nano-fillers.



New publications 

Check out our recent Langmuir article following in-situ hydration of calcium silicate with surface forces apparatus and rheology! It's open access: (Direct link to the paper).



New publications 

Our work on milled recycled concrete as supplementary material for a sustainable binder is freely accessible in the Journal of Case Studies in Construction Materials: (Direct link to the paper).



Our review on interfacial bonds in concrete-concrete composites is freely accessible in the Journal of Construction and Building Materials: (Direct link to the paper).




Welcome to our new team members

We are happy to welcome our new project assistants and PhD students, Benedetta Costa and Mreriton Ramizi! Benedetta Costa, will work on designing and developing sustainable binders to use as sealants in historical masonry to avoid water filtration. Meriton Ramizi, is working on the cement-bonded wood fiber ceiling panels.

Wish the best luck for them!



We hosted a talk given by Prof. Dalconi from University of Padua. The topic was on “Looking at the atomic scale to understand macroscopic properties: the role of X-ray Diffraction in revealing cement hydration”.





Prof. Robisson gives an invited talk on reinforced elastomers and effect of temperature, a collaboration with Krystyn Van Vliet (MIT) at the ACEX2022 conference in a special session "Experimental investigations and modelling in polymer mechanics: state of the art and future trends” organized by Lucien Laiarinandrasana (Mines ParisTech), Klara Loos (Universität der Bundeswehr München) and Yann Marco (ENSTA Bretagne).




Meriton Ramizi defends his thesis "Konzeptprüfung für die Gestaltung eines durchlässigen Pflastersteins" "Concept development for the design of a permeable paving stone", prepared under the supervision of Johannes Kirnbauer, Teresa Liberto and Agathe Robisson and in collaboration with Friedl Steinwerke. Meriton is about to become a project assistent in our group. Congratulations Meriton!

Christian Aschauer defends his thesis "Untersuchung von nachhaltigem Zement (AAB), Anfangsverhalten und Eigenschaften nach der Erhärtung" "Investigation of sustainable cement, fresh and solid properties", prepared under the supervision of Teresa Liberto, Johannes Kirnbauer and Agathe Robisson. Christian now works at a project manager at ÖBB Infra Wien/NÖ. Congratulations Christian and all the best in your future endavors!


Johannes Kirnbauer presents our work on recycled UHPC at the EMI 2022 in Baltimore USA.


Agathe Robisson chairs a session on Geometries & Design: Opportunities for Sustainable Construction organized with Ann Sychterz (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Jiaolong Zhang (Tongji University), Mija Hubler (University of Colorado Boulder), at the EMI 2022 Baltimore USA.


Katerina Ioannidou, Laboratory of Mechanics and Civil Engineering (LMGC), CNRS - University of Montpellier, France, visited the lab and gave a fascinating talk on Coarse-grained models for cement hydrates.

New paper of our research group published in the Journal of Cement and Concrete Research. Access the full text via the link below:


Presenting recent findings of our research group at Annual European Rheology Conference (AERC 2022)


Ausschreibung Diplomand Forschung and Entwicklung (Master thesis position)

More info: PDFPDF file


Check out our dissemination article on sustainable building in the TU Alumni Bulletin: “A journey through the history of Red Vienna and a jump to the Vienna of today


Prof. Agathe Robisson presented our results on shear induced particle migration in cement mortars.


BAM (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing) is looking for a PhD student:


Franz-Josef Ulm, professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has been elected to the National Academy of Engineering for contributions to nanoscale improvement of concrete and other materials and structures important for sustainable development of infrastructure and energy resources.

Congratulations Franz! And thank you for making the contribution of civil engineers more visible by the extraordinary quality of your own work.


We are sad to share the news of the passing of our dear collaborator and guest lecturer in Werkstoffe 2, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Diederichs.



Congratulations to Valmir Kabashi who defended his master thesis on “PUMPING OF CONCRETE”. Valmir built a setup where a mortar could be flown for long distances and demonstrated the development of heterogeneities in the mortar upon flow. We wish Valmir all the best in his future endeavors!


Congratulations to Mohammad Afarideh who defended his master thesis on “Einfluss unterschiedlicher Gesteinsmehle auf die rheologischen Eigenschaften von zementösen Bindemittelleimen“, in English „Studies on quartz and limestone powders for cementitous-based materials“. Mohammad measured the water demand of these powders, when mixed with water alone or mixed with cement and water. He studied the influence of the type and particle average size of these powders, and check the influence of a poly(carboxylate ether)-based superplasticizer. We wish Mohammad all the best in his future endeavors!


Congratulations to Valdrin Maliqi who successfully defended his Master’s thesis titled "Use of recycled UHPC aggregates in UHPC", in German "Verwendung von rezyklierten UHPC-Zuschlagstoffen in UHPC". His work is part of a project with Mixteresting, with the target of using AI to optimize and accelerate the design of UHPCs. It was great to work with Valdrin and we wish him all the best!


Dr. Karl Deix co-authored the paper “Comparison of Calculation Methods of Elastic Bonding: Limits of the Gamma Method Using an Example of a Wood–Concrete Composite Floor with Single Loads” in Journal of Materials.

Conference speech

Dr. Liberto co-authored a talk at the GdR SLAMM conference: “Oscillatory Rheology and Interactions on Cementitious Pastes” with Dr. Bellotto, and Prof. Robisson.

Laboratory Exercises have begun!

The laboratory exercises for the Winter semester of 2021 have begun. Welcome to new students in our laboratories. Photos

New Publication

Please find out the most recent paper of our research group published in the Journal of Construction and Building Materials. You can access the full text via the link below:

Werkstoffe im Bauwesen 207.015-2021W

Introductory lecture Werkstoffe im Bauwesen 207.015-2021W happens this Friday in EI 10.

Conference speech

Prof. Robisson co-authored a talk at the Geothermal rising conference: “Materials For Swellable Annular Seals In High Temperature Wells” with Xiaohong Ren, Travis Hohenberger (Schlumberger Ltd)



Diplom-/Masterarbeitsthemen im Baustofflehre und Werkstofftechnologie- TU Wien

Aktuell sind folgende Masterprojekt verfügbar (2021):[mehr]




Dr. Karl deix co-authored the paper “Entwicklung neuartiger Holz-Betonverbunddecken in Fertigteilbauweise” in Bautechnik. Link to the paper 

Diplom-/Masterarbeitsthemen im Baustofflehre und Werkstofftechnologie- TU Wien

Aktuell sind folgende Masterprojekt verfügbar (2021):[mehr]

Open position: Doktorat in Bauingenieurwesen / Maschinenbau TU Wien

Aktuell sind folgende Doktorat verfügbar (2020): [mehr]

Sekretariat neuen standort

Das Sekretariat des Forschungsbereichs Baustofflehre und Werkstofftechnologie E207-01 übersiedelt ab Montag, 30. September 2019 an folgenden neuen Standort: TU Wien Science Center Institut E207-01 Arsenal, Gebäude OC...[mehr]

Prüfungseinsicht Prüfungen Materialkunde und Werkstoffe im Bauwesen vom 22.11.2019

Sehr geehrte Studierende, die Prüfungseinsicht für die Prüfungen Materialkunde und Werkstoffe im Bauwesen vom 22.11.2019 findet ca. Mitte Jänner 2020 statt. Die Studierenden erhalten im Jänner eine E-Mail-Aussendung aus TISS...[mehr]

Zeugnisse der Betonakademie - SS 2019

Sehr geehrte Studierende, die Zeugnisse der Beton-Akademie, welche im Rahmen der LV "Werkstoffe im Bauwesen 2" (206.310) im SS 2019 erworben werden konnten, können im Sekretariat des Forschungsbereichs...[mehr]

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